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She blinked a few times to get the sleep out of her eyes, and saw what had awoken her. Mai sat up as Dark Magician Girl moved her other leg under Mai's, the staff inside both. She again covered her breasts, and had her legs bent upwards, but closed. Sharing a sexy look, both women began to thrust on the staff, slowly at first. A sparking pink ball of magic appeared at the end of her wand, which then shot at Mai, depleting her Life Points to 0. As I explained, you share a common bond with the guardians of my world. Mai awoke with a start, and immediately knew something was wrong.

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She gently pushed Mai back down on the bed, then opened her legs.

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SDT- Dark Magician Girl (Yugioh)

Sorry, Cyber Harpie, but this is it for you! She got up and grabbed her Dark Magician Girl card from her drawer with her dry hand, and placed it on her Duel Disk. But Mai didn't care that she just lost. She took another look at her laptop, experiencing something similar as the thread starter. Cards in Lightly Played condition may have minor border or corner wear, or even just slight scuffs or scratches.

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completely naked dark magician girl
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