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Vaginal inclusion cysts are the most common type of vaginal cyst. Occasionally the condition clears away for good for no apparent reason. Lawton S ; Nappy rash: The skin may return to normal if lichen sclerosus is diagnosed and treated with a topical steroid at an early stage. How to manage lichen sclerosus and genital itching.

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Up to 3 in 10 people with lichen sclerosus also have an underactive thyroid gland.

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Summit Medical Group Web Site

You must use the steroid as directed by your doctor. The risk is low, but it's a good idea to check yourself regularly and see a GP if you're worried. Bumps and lumps on your vagina and vulva can be normal, or they could be a sign of a condition that requires medical attention. Cysts normally go away without treatment. For details see our conditions.

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albino patches on a vagina
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albino patches on a vagina
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